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Chillr App Fund Transfer Android App Download

Chillr App Download: is a mobile payment multi-bank app which allows users to send and receive money to/from anyone in their contacts. The difference between online wallets and Chillr app is that all fund transactions are between bank accounts.

On the iOS platform in India, Chillr was listed in the “App Store Best of 2015”. It is the sole financial/banking app to be listed in this category.

Andhra Bank recently announced a tie-up with mobile payment app Chillr. This will let the bank’s customers to transfer money instantly to any contact on their phone book.

A first of-its-kind application, Chillr is directly linked to the customer’s bank account where in the user can transfer money to anybody in India once he/she downloads the app and registers. Available on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems, the app is very user friendly.

MN Sudhakar, General Manager, Andhra Bank, said: “We recently adopted IMPS technology as well and both these facilities will help our customers make payments/fund transfers within fraction of seconds and will aid us serve our customers better.”

The integration is in its pilot phase currently and the functionality is being tested with bank employees and select users. The official launch will take place this month.

Other features

The customers of Andhra Bank can enjoy a host of other features apart from sending and receiving money, such as recharging prepaid mobile phones, DTH and data cards, special discounts at specific merchants, running a quick check on one’s account balance as well as splitting of bills between colleagues/friends. “With digital banking gaining momentum amongst youngsters, we aspire to create a cashless economy through the Chillr platform. Through this brand synergy, we hope to deliver seamless and fast money payment and fund transfer services to customers,” said Sony Joy, Founder and CEO, Chillr, on the development.

Chillr which is the offshoot of Kochi.based technology firm MobME is a multi-bank payment application. Via this application, five lakh users have successfully linked their bank accounts and more than 31 lakh transactions had been made as of March 11, noted a press release from the company.

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History of Chillr

MobMe conceptualized Chillr which was spun off as a subsidiary after a year. Sony Joy who co-founded MobMe Wireless Solutions back in 2006 with two of his college friends currently leads Chillr. The meaning of Chillr is pocket change in various Indian languages and is something everyone is used to dealing with and making payments with.


The quickest and easiest way to transfer money between bank accounts is Chillr and it works on bank holidays as well. It is directly linked to your bank account and offers you the following services:

  • Pay – Make direct payments to other bank account or through tags.
  • Request – Request for money or split bills.
  • Utilities – Recharge your mobile phone, data card or DTH.
  • Stores – Pay at merchant stores by scanning QR code

How to get started on Chillr

All you need is a smart phone and bank account to begin using Chillr. iOS, Windows and Android platforms support Chillr.

How to get Chillr?

You can download Chillr here for your iOS, Android or Windows mobile:

How fast is Chillr?

Sending money via Chillr is very easy. From Chillr contacts, select your friend, enter the amount and remarks, authorize the transaction using your M-PIN and the money reaches your friend’s bank account in a few seconds.

Bank Partnerships

Chillr has presently tied up with Andhra Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda and Catholic Syrian Bank. Seamless money transferring services will be enjoyed by customers of these banks. However, customers of every bank in India will be able to receive payments via Chillr. They’re looking at partnering with at least 10 more by the end of March.

‘Chillr partner banks’ are those banks that have been integrated with Chillr. The full set of features provided by Chillr can be utilized by users connected to Chillr using a ‘Partner Bank’ account.

Does Chillr work with all banks in India?

All banks that have IMPS enabled support Chillr. Nevertheless, customers of each and every bank in the nation will be able to receive payments through Chillr app.

Is Chillr free?

Sending money through Chillr will ALWAYS be FREE. However Chillr may charge users for receiving payments beyond the monthly free limit of 25 from 1st April 2016. (Please Note: Your Bank may levy standard IMPS charges for transactions made on Chillr. Please contact your bank for more information).

Can I send an invite to download Chillr?

Yes, you can invite your friends to download Chillr via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc. from within the app.

Chillr makes money digital, social & fun. With Chillr, you can send or receive money with anyone in your phonebook without having to know their account number, IFSC code etc or wait for OTP SMSs each time.

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