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 Free Texting SMS Apps Download

Mobile Messaging applications are developing always well known as they include person to person communication components and contend to take care of the developing demand with the expectation of complimentary portable calling and SMS messaging administrations. Set up portable applications such as Facebook Messenger and more seasoned Internet calling administrations, for example, Skype progressively are rivaling upstart versatile applications, including MessageMe, Viber, Line and TextMe.

It can be difficult to know which free informing administration to utilize on the grounds that such a large number of are accessible. To filter through this swarmed class of applications, here’s a glance at ten of the best versatile informing applications. All offer some type of free voice calling and free portable SMS, either over WiFi or the client’s advanced cell information arrangement.

Below you’ll discover our rundown to the best applications out there, to offer you some assistance with staying in contact with every one of your companions and associates.


MESSENGER: since everyone has Facebook

Facebook‘s official texting application has as of late been made over to convey a quicker, cleaner administration and interface. It’s much like WhatsApp, yet Messenger in a split second interfaces with the greater part of your Facebook contacts, making it a standout amongst the most helpful messaging applications, if nothing else.
A late overhaul is that you can likewise message non-Facebook companions by utilizing their telephone number. Courier permits you to get to the majority of your Facebook messages without utilizing the primary application or site. It additionally has stickers and emojis, bunches, voice recordings, area information, free calls, photograph sharing and that’s just the beginning.

Skype: for video calls

To start with picking up unmistakable quality on the desktop, and picking up a great deal of reputation taking after its deal to Microsoft, Skype is potentially the best known and general best video getting application out there. It is likewise more than only a video and voice calling administration, nonetheless. IM is completely upheld, with Skype’s custom cluster of smileys advancing over, though without the “charming” little movements that we are so attached to.

Once more, gathering informing is bolstered, just like the sending of media documents and video messages. Association with Skype should be possible through a committed username and password or through a current Microsoft account, something you may have made to utilize Windows Live or Windows 8. Following the converge with Microsoft, the Redmond-based firm is pushing to interface any current Skype records to your Windows account. In the method for video calling options, why not attempt ooVoo? Additionally allowed to download, ooVoo highlights video visit at its heart, whilst likewise supporting gathering informing, video statuses and a speed dial.


Snapchat varies from most mobile communication applications in that it represents considerable authority in sending messages with a specific component – they vanish. The truth is out, messages sent with Snapchat self-destruct seconds after the beneficiary perspectives them. The fleeting way of Snapchat messages has made the application dubious yet well known with youngsters.

Odds are that you have known about SnapChat, not slightest in light of what you can utilize it for. It is turning out to be ever famous as an approach to share pictures rapidly and secretly, with the special reward that they don’t stick around. SnapChat picked up prevalence as a result of the makeshift way of the pictures sent. Pictures are caught and afterward sent instantly, to choose SnapChat comrades, with a self-destruct clock worked in.
Pictures, or recordings, can be sent for anything up to ten seconds, and after that wipe themselves off the recipients phone. Whilst there is nothing to stop a screenshot, senders are informed if this happens. Picture altering is additionally conceivable, yet just to a slender degree.

A little level of content can be included, and pictures can be outlined over, so you can demonstrate your companions what you look like with a brilliant red toon afro. You can likewise spare your own particular pictures.


WhatsApp is a mobile text messaging application intended to give cell a chance to phone users send instant messages without paying SMS charges to their bearers. The messages are sent by means of the Internet and therefor require the users to have an contact on their phone, which is regular of these messaging applications. Messages can incorporate video, sound and photographs, not simply message.

WhatsApp is a cross-stage application, which means it’s accessible for an assortment of portable working frameworks and permits informing crosswise over every one of them – including the iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The application propelled in 2009 and has demonstrated mainstream.

Not at all like a considerable measure of messaging applications, WhatsApp doesn’t offer voice calling, in any event not yet.

Know About Whatsapp Messanger app


Viber is a well known free application that piggybacks on WiFi or the data plan a mobile phone user needs to make voice telephone calls and send SMS messages that are not considered a portion of their bearer’s paid calling arrangement or SMS Plan.

So its principle request is the capacity to utilize WiFi or a data plan on an advanced mobile phone to go around the cut off points of a paid voice-calling arrangement and/or paid SMStext messaging plan. The voice calls use VOIP, or voice over the Internet.

The Viber application is known for its convenience, since it peruses your telephone’s settings and contacts and quickly empowers the application. There’s no requirement for a password or special set-up procedure, which most applications require. Messages can photographs and in addition content, and the voice calls can move of the transporter’s 3G or 4G information system and onto a wifi system when one is accessible. Bunch informing additionally is accessible for up to 15 companions, taking into account more private discussions than, say, on Twitter.


Google set up Hangouts as the standard messaging application in Android 4.4 KitKat, and on account of this it grabbed significantly more users. Hangouts is a consolidated SMS and IM application, that isolates the two sorts of messages, yet can be utilized to naturally put voice calls and video calls from your phone through Hangouts instead of customary bearers.

Since it handles both SMS and IM, it eliminates the quantity of applications you should be working with, and its video calling quality is ostensibly superior to Skype’s. Furthermore, Hangouts incorporates with Google+ similarly that Facebook Messenger collaborates with Facebook, which means contacts included through the informal organization can be called or informed in the different application. Be watchful who you interface with in case you’re an especially private individual.


After a considerable holding up period, BlackBerry’s messaging service at long last made it to the Android stage a year ago. BBM is not as Androidy as whatever remains of the applications on this rundown, however it offers some exceptionally cool elements including: dependably on service, timed and retractable messages, two-route select in, conveyance reporting, bunches, emoticons, show messages and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The capacity to pick who can message you, as opposed to it being accessible to anyone with your number, makes this an alluring informing choice.


Speed and security are the name of the diversion for Telegram. The application gives scrambled cross-stage messaging and it’s totally free.

Author Nikolai Durov expressed that he set out to outline a dispatcher that couldn’t be gotten to by Russian security offices. When he offered a prize of US$200,000 to any individual who could break the application’s encryption convention, nobody oversaw it.

On the off chance that you need a quick, free and secure errand person, Telegram comes exceptionally suggested.

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MessageMe is a more up to date contestant into the crowded field of mobile messaging. The application propelled ahead of schedule in 2013 and is centered around multi media and setting, permitting individuals to blend media by drawing on photographs and send texts that multimedia sorts. It has a smooth interface intended to improve the procedure of making and sharing sight and sound messages progressively. MessageMe is accessible for iPhone/iPad and Android gadgets.


Line is turning out to be more well known, and in light of current circumstances. With the as of late included video calling usefulness, it is currently as completely highlighted as Skype, yet has a more youthful, sexier feel to it than the time tested Skype. It’s jam pressed brimming with stickers and other fun stuff, and is hugely prevalent all through vast parts of Asia. But at the same time it’s component loaded with gathering visits, multi-stage capacities, timetable, recorded voice messages, media sharing and much, a great deal all the more, including authority account messages from famous people you like. Line is somewhat like Twitter, Facebook and Skype all moved into one.


Kik is somewhat more lively than any semblance of WhatsApp, with more shading and sticker alternatives. Kik additionally houses its own inherent program, to make video and picture sharing between companions basic. It’s a quickly developing and well disposed errand person with clients from everywhere throughout the planet. Try it out.


TextNow is yet another versatile application that offers free voice calling and messaging as to call and informing on wifi and/or data plan service. It deals with desktop PCs and cellular telephones, and relegates every client an individual telephone number for getting telephone calls and instant messages. It offers boundless free informing (both voice and content) over the United States and Canada. TextNow is accessible for both Android and iPhone/iOS gadgets.


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