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PhotoFunia APP: All of us love twisting our pictures and having some fun, don’t we? And when we have the perfect app to help us fool around with our pictures, what more do we need!

PhotoFunia app as the name suggests is an innovative and fun online photo editing tool that allows you to generate perky and fun images with just a few clicks of your mouse. All you require is your own pictures and a pinch of creativity and silliness. There are also many text effects that you can have fun with, in case you do not have a picture at hand.


Ease of Use

This application is as simple as it can get and you do not need to know the mechanisms of any image editing software in order to use this app.

You just have to surf through the category effects, or you can use the search field by typing in a keyword. Depending on the kind of mood you are in, you can select an effect as per you wish and follow the steps to upload your photo.

Different Themes

This program comes loaded with several different themes. You simply place your image on pre-determined locations on the theme and the image comes out as if it was originally part of the theme. For example, you can place a picture of your face and make it seem like you are the headline of a newspaper.


As described briefly above, this application also comes with a lot of effects that can match your mood. You can be looking at a mirror or even lying on the grass posing for a photo shoot. You can also be in an electronic billboard or playing in a big soccer game.


PhotoFunia does not charge its users even a single penny and has always been free to use. So, go ahead and make the most of this app until your heart’s content.

Photo Privacy

The privacy of users’ images is taken very seriously and the uploaded images can be accessed only by you. They remain active only for a few hours before they are removed automatically from the site.

PhotoFunia for smartphones

PhotoFunia has a website that works on browsers of latest mobiles and tablets. Also, the main website is adaptive and fits any screen.

The motive of PhotoFunia is to be accessible to everyone which can be used on the go! The software currently has applications for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry 10
  • Firefox OS
  • Nokia Asha
  • Sailfish OS
  • Can the app be used offline?

Unfortunately, no! Just the way you would need an internet connection to access Facebook or Wikipedia, or to read the latest news or to to find out the speed at which particles are colliding in Large Hadron Collider, PhotoFunia also requires you to have an internet connection. The app uses remote servers to do all the work of image manipulation, and is an ever-increasing online library of photo effects. The online servers enable the software to introduce new effects constantly without ever having to update actual app and being limited with processing power of the mobile device. In addition, having hundreds of effects offline would eat up gigabytes of free space on your device.

Does PhotoFunia support all devices?

Technology is rapidly changing at all times! Every year new devices are being introduced, while others are dying out, failing to impress the consumer. Similarly, PhotoFunia app is an ever evolving project where we aim to be at the cutting- edge of technological progress, by releasing apps on the most popular devices at times even before they’re launched. Unfortunately, while we do our best, it is not always possible to support every single device out there.

However, we do offer number of mobile versions of our website, for all sorts of mobile devices.

What about pictures that come out blurry?

Blurry pictures could be a result of using cellular networks such as 3G, 4G, EDGE or GPS.

Images are often compressed by mobile network operators while sending over their networks before they are delivered to your device. Doing this helps the network operators to decrease the amount of traffic transferred resulting in saving money. There is unfortunately nothing that PhotoFunia can do about this. It is recommended that you use WiFi wherever possible at all times to ensure high quality pictures.

PhotoFunia says it could not detect a face, but it is definitely there!

Face detection is performed by tiny special robots and while they are clever little things they are still learning and may at times find it difficult to detect dark or very bright photos or pictures with faces turned. However, they do a superb job with well lit faces at lighting fast speeds! Just think of your passport picture.

It says that my image is in the wrong file format.

PhotoFunia supports all major image formats including jpg, png and gif. Please ensure that your picture is in one of the supported format.

How to add Effects to your pictures with PhotoFunia

Step 1: Choose a Category in the left corner and then an effect to apply.

Step 2: When a new page opens, click on the Choose Photo grey button. Select a photo from your local drive, take a new one with your PC camera or choose a picture from free stock photos. If there is some text to modify, let your imagination work.

Step 3: Choose the area of the photo to use and click Crop.

Step 4: As soon as you are done, click orange Go button.

You will see your edited picture in a few seconds from PhotoFunia App. Small, regular and large sizes are available for downloading the images. Alternatively, you can order a printed version of your photo or a souvenir with it. It can be a phone case, a mouse pad, a pillow, or any other item from the store.

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