RTA M Wallet App “Telangana Govt RTA M Wallet Download

RTA M Wallet App Download

RTA M Wallet App download: If you are in Hyderabad or any part of RTA M Wallet State and worried about getting caught by the traffic Police in your region in case you forgot the license at your home then there is an interesting application available on the Google Play store which will solve all your troubles when caught by the police.

Telangana State Government Road Transport Authority (RTA) launched a new app named RTA m-Wallet for giving better guidelines to people of the State. Now Telangana Transport deportment implemented strict rules to avoid accidents and for People’s safety. In this context TS RTA launched new Application, It allows a person to have a one stop digital shop for all the documents issued by the Transport department. Salient features of the app lets one auto-fetch documents, share documents, have all the documents on one screen and add multiple vehicles owned by a single person. The documents once downloaded will be saved for future use on the application.



  • Motorist can show the M-Wallet app on their smart phone during RTA checking.
  • No need to carry physical documents.
  • Multiple vehicles can be added.
  • License and Registration card can be added to the app.
  • On-line digital certificate fetching. Less chances of fraud.
  • Need internet only for the first time. No need of internet once you fetch the Digital Certificate.
  • Auto fetching Insurance details of last updated year.

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This will put an end to police harassment since motorists are generally victimised by penalisation or demanding the bribe for failing to carry the documents physically.

This new initiative, which is first of its kind in India, is going to benefit 60 lakh driving licence holders, 80 lakh vehicle owners.


  • No support for Pollution certificates (Presently).
  • App is accepted only in Telangana. Need to carry physical documents if you are planning a travel to other state.

How to use the app?

Download and install the “RTA m-Wallet” App. It is around 17 MB.

How does the RTA m-Wallet Work?

Step 1: Download the application from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the application from the App Drawer, the application starts with a Demo Pop-up which provides you complete instructions about registration.

Step 3: You need to register on your device by entering full name, Email and Mobile Number & tap on register button.

Step 4: An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your number which must be entered on your device to complete the registration.

Step 5: Once you register, you will enter the m-wallet where you need to tap on the Add new button on your home screen.

Step 6: You will find two options RC and driving licence. If you want RC i.e.,

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Registration Certificate in your wallet then you need to enter the details of the registration number of your vehicle along with the last five digits of the Chassic Number of you vehicle which you can find on your printed RC. Once you enter the details of your RC tap on the Get Button.

The RC details will be retrieved on your device.

Step 7: If you want to add Driving license, then you need to enter you Driving License

Number, Date of Birth and prescribed RTA details which you can find on the back side of your license and tap on the GET button.

Your license details will be retrieved from the Database of the Telangana RTA department.

In this case, Telangana government is step ahead to made this RTA m-Wallet app available to the public in Hyderabad. In Telangana, many people download and started using the RTA m-Wallet app.

This application is very useful where you can add details of your vehicles and can also add the license details of your family members. In case if you have logged out of the app then don’t worry about the database on your account as you need to enter your mobile number to sign in into your account with an OTP. This is one of the best steps taken by the Telangana Government towards the Digital India. Do make a note that you follow proper traffic rules for your safety by wearing helmet on bike, seat belt in Car and following the traffic signals.

? My Vehicle is registered in other state (out of Telangana) and my Driving License is registered with another state RTA office, can I use this Telangana State RTA m-Wallet?

This smartphone app is not useful if your vehicle and your motor license is registered with other state RTA office as you need to fill your details along with RTA office location.

There are few more options to be added to the app in the near future.


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